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Payment Online

This On-Line Payment Website Does Not Support

  • Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer Version 8 or Earlier, or
  • Safari Browser (iPhone/iPad)
  • All Banks and Associations

First register as a user to make online payments. Click on the Register Box next to the Login Box on left side of the screen. You only need to register one time.

We will validate your information and send a confirmation email from DoNotReply@cincsystems.net  with your new password for log-in. This e-mail may go to your spam folder so please check there.

Your login in name is your email address and the password is case sensitive. Once you log-in, click on Your Account # at the left side of the screen if you wish to change your password.

You can now set up your payment using e-check or credit card. All major credit cards and e-checks can be used for payment. Credit cards will be charged a convenience fee.

Setting Up Your On-Line Payment

You can only register and set up payments for one property at a time. To set up payments for more than one property

Once the first property registration is complete you can select “My Profile” (at the bottom of the profile screen), and click “Register an Additional Property” if you want to set up payments for more than one property. Note each property has a different account number so make sure you use the correct different account number for each property you register.


Frequency of Dues Payments

  • Annual Dues require the entire statement amount due is paid in One Annual Payment. The payment frequency is once per year.
  • Semi-Annual Dues require entire statement amount due is paid. You will receive two statements per year. The payment frequency is twice per year.
  • Quarterly Dues require entire statement amount due is paid. You will receive four statements per year for four quarterly payments. The payment frequency is four per year.
  • Monthly Dues require entire statement amount due is paid. You will not receive statements. The payment frequency is twelve times per year.


Recurring e-Check Payments:

It has been added a Renew Annually Checkbox that, when checked, will allow the owner to schedule the month and day for the payment and will not require the entry of the year. As long as the checkbox remains checked the payments will renew each year automatically on these dates

Homeowners, please keep in mind that online payments are only available if your association uses North State Bank. If you have any problems registering and making online payments please call 919-856-1844 so we can help.

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